ABOUT HOME SHARESThe five types of home shares

Emergency Housing

Temporary and longterm placements for those displaced by emergencies caused by natural disasters such as the wild fires of the North Bay. SHAREfire currently has more than 1000 homes available for those displaced by the fires.

Rent Exchange

Home Share whereby Home Seekers, in need of affordable housing, are matched with Home Providers, who own or rent their home or apartment (have the ability to sublet) and, who are in need additional income. Room rentals average from $400.00 to $1,500.00 per month, utility costs included.

Service Exchange

Home Seekers are matched with Home Providers, who own or rent their home and who need clearly defined services, e.g. companionship, meal preparation, driving to appointments, housekeeping, or yard work in order to remain in their home, age in place and thrive. No rent is exchanged, some utility cost might be required. Utility cost rarely exceeds $100.00/month. Home Seeker responsible for cost of his or her food.

Partial rent & Service Exchange

Home Seeker is responsible for paying some rent and a few carefully defined services to provided for the Home Provider. Average rent is $300.00/month, which includes the cost of utilities.

Share Community Houses

Houses provided to SHARE by home owners who do not live in the home and which enables SHARE to manage each room with tenants who each have a lease agreement directly with the home owner. To-date, SHARE has created 3 Community Houses, a total of 12 beds. A sense of community is created, along with affordable housing, and assisting some to leave the shelter system into permanent housing.