Giving That Grows

You and your family can change lives by making a contribution to SHARE Sonoma County through planned giving with lasting benefits. Planned giving takes many forms – gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, art, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance, a retirement plan or other assets. Every gift shares a common attribute: it strengthens our program – matching seniors to individuals needing permanent housing – for many years to come.

A planned gift is an opportunity to help others in need over the long term. It can be as easy as designating SHARE Sonoma County as one of your beneficiaries. The advantages to you and your family are many. Giving creates a legacy that expresses your deepest convictions. It need not diminish current income or assets. Indeed, it can provide potential income tax or estate advantages for you and your heirs.

Ways to give include making SHARE the beneficiary on an investment account. You can add SHARE as a beneficiary to a bank account or certificate of deposit by using a “Payable on Death” agreement. For investment securities and real estate, you can use a “Transfer on Death” agreement. You can add instructions to your will that a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or certain assets be given to SHARE at your passing. Remember that your will only covers those assets that do not have a beneficiary designation attached. You can also name SHARE Sonoma County as a full or partial beneficiary of an IRA, annuity, life insurance or retirement account.

All you need to start the process is a desire to create a lasting legacy. Begin by consulting professionals knowledgeable about the financial, tax and estate planning implications of your gift. Discuss your intentions with your family, as well as your legal and financial advisors before you finalize your plans.

To inquire about leaving a gift to SHARE Sonoma County, please call Amy Appleton at 707-772-7262. Thank you for your generosity.

Other ways you can share with SHARE Sonoma County

We can’t do this work without you. There are many ways to SHARE and we invite you to choose one that speaks to you.
  • If you know of a senior who needs services or companionship, contact us.
  • If you are in need of housing, reach out now.
  • If you have dollars to donate to this essential program, we can increase the numbers of people we help. We will accept your tax-deductible contributions.
  • If you have talents or resources that might help our clients, we’d love to know because we’re all about exchanging resources.
  • And if you want to be on the call-list as an emergency housing host in the event of a public emergency (like during the recent fires), we’d love to hear from you HERE.


501(c)(3) 81-3993230

SHARE Sonoma County is designed to create genuine community in the form of home sharing, for elders, folks with disabilities and disaster victims who need a decent affordable home to call their own. SHARE Sonoma County is a 501(c)3.